SIA Izglitibas atbalsta birojs

Social enterprise SIA Izglitibas atbalsta birojs (Education Support Bureau) is just established. The purpose of establishing company is to promote education by facilitating the provision of lifelong learning support to personal development, employment and social inclusion goals, with lasting positive social impact.
The company contributes to solving the following social problems:
1) Adaptation of the educational process to the abilities and pace of development of the learners, leading to an increase in the number of students with learning difficulties and early school leavers, as well as a decrease in motivation and achievement, especially in exact subjects (e.g., mathematics).
2) Lack of support services for parents, especially full-time workers, resulting in an increase in the number of children left unattended and parental attention, etc.
Therefore, the main line of business is to provide educational support services to learners with learning difficulties, emotional and behavioral disorders and children left unattended and without parental attention, as well as lifelong support for personal development, employment and social inclusion.
The main activities of the company:
 Provide learning and teaching support services and educational counseling to learners and educators at all levels,
 Organize non-formal learning activities focused on hobbies, self-development and the acquisition of the necessary skills and experience for personal development and inclusion in society,
 Offer learning support to the failed and learners with learning difficulties as well as emotional and behavioural disorders,
 To organize informative and educational events in the society, incl. professional development measures for teachers,
 Prepare and publish teaching materials, manuals, recommendations, etc. materials for participants in the educational process,
 Initiate and implement creative education development projects,
 Cooperate with educational institutions, support organizations and actors in the educational process at both local and international levels,
 Take other activities that provide learning and teaching support for everyone.

At present paid/unpaid staff – 2. Members of the group – 5.
+371 29419351