Linguistic Aid Kit Ltd.

At Linguistic Aid Kit we pride ourselves on our expertise. Our highly qualified and dedicated staff have extensive experience in translations and interpreting, proofreading, and the composition of cover letters and CVs. Our attention to
detail and love for linguistics deems us a partner much sought after. We work with clients from all backgrounds:
students, young professionals, hospital patients, illiterate or dyslexic individuals, asylum seekers, individuals in executive positions, corporate clients, etc.
We are also actively involved in teaching literacy to both children and adults on an international scale. Often contracted and subcontracted on governmental and non-governmental projects, such as Grundtvig, Leonardo and Erasmus+, we have now grown more experienced and reliable than ever.
One of our primary target groups are language teachers from across Europe. We aim to educate them in the most effective and efficient teaching techniques, which can maximise the benefits for their students and by extension minimise the levels of il- and poor literacy. In addition, we work directly with pupils, students and adult learners from all backgrounds.
To date, Linguistic Aid Kit have delivered our services in Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the UK.
Our mission is to share our literacy with every person in Europe, enabling them to lead a fulfilling life independently.