Centre for Sustainability and Development

The CSD is based in the city of Leeds and is involved mainly in the fields of adult education and development. Our actions promote respect for difference, equality and conscientious work. We aim to promote and to protect the right of people to increase their vocational qualification. In its operation The Center follows the principle of providing equal opportunities for people in danger of any form of social marginalisation – unemployed individuals, women returning to the labour market after maternity leave, people with disabilities, women and children threatened by violence.
Generally, CSD is involved in activities on social and cultural level striving to promote innovation and real integration of new educational methods and strategies, and to oppose every form of stagnation.
Our guiding principles encompass equality, impartiality, freedom of choice, efficiency and effectiveness. We are determined to always deliver accurate evaluation of the training needs of our target groups; exhaustive information on the service and on the attended results; development of comprehensive and methodically correct strategies, ensuring quality and effectiveness; collaboration and synergy with the institutional, cultural and professional resources; improvement of the quality of the life through providing training materials of the highest standard; respect of the dignity and the privacy of the person.
The CSD team focuses all its energy to create an environment of tangible results that could easily be disseminated throughout Europe afterwards, thus providing a profound impact of the project and increasing the European added value.
We employ an innovative business model focused on flexibility and efficient utilisation of human resources. By capitalising on our large network of trusted consultants we are able to tap into an unparalleled amalgamation of knowledge and expertise from a broad array of fields. As a result, every task that we undertake benefits from the specific level and scope of expertise required. In this way we optimise our people’s time so that every single individual
can maximise their impact and add true value to the project we work on